Vermont Broadcasting Through the Years

(Compiled by Eric Michaels and Jim Condon)

1922 WCAX in Burlington begins audio service; will eventually become WVMT-AM
WLAK in Bellows Falls, owned by the VT Farm Machinery Corporation, signs on

1924 WCAX (College of Agriculture Extension) upgrades transmitter

1925 WLAK owner goes out of business

1927 WNBX in Springfield signs on; eventually moves to Keene, NH and becomes WKNE

1929 WQDM in St. Albans (now WRSA-AM) signs on as VT’s first commercial radio station

1930 WSYB in Rutland commences operations as Vermont’s second commercial station

1931 WCAX-AM acquired by Burlington Daily News and goes commercial
WDEV in Waterbury commences broadcasting

1935 WMFF-AM (now WEAV-AM) signs on in Plattsburgh, NY

1938 Charles Hasbrook buys WCAX and the Burlington Daily News

1941 WQDM in St. Albans becomes WWSR

1946 WJOY in Burlington commences operations

1947 WSKI in Montpelier signs on the air

1949 WHWB, the second station in Rutland, commences operations
WMCRS, forerunner to Middlebury College station WRMC-FM, begins operations
WTWN in St. Johnsbury (now WSTJ-AM) commences operations

1950 WTSA in Brattleboro signs on

1952 WIKE in Newport signs on

1953 WBTN in Bennington signs on

1954 Dean Finney named first VAB President
WCAX-TV Burlington signs on as Vermont’s first television station
WIRI-TV (now WPTZ-TV) begins operations in Plattsburgh, NY
WNIX (now WCFR-AM) in Springfield signs on the air
WDOT-AM (now WCAT-AM) in Burlington commences operations

1955 Articles of Association adopted by the VAB
UVM station WRUV-AM in Burlington signs on the air
First meeting of the Directors, Roof Garden, Hotel Vermont, Burlington
Alfed E. Spokes of WJOY named VAB President

1956 J. Gordon Keyworth of WBTN named VAB President

1957 Frank Balch of WJOY named VAB President

1958 Stuart “Red” Martin of WCAX named VAB President

1959 Carlo Zezza of WCFR named VAB President
WKVT in Brattleboro signs on
WSNO in Barre signs on
WWRJ in White River Junction signs on

1960 WEAV-FM (now WBTZ-FM), Plattsburgh, signs on the air
Annual Meeting at National Life Insurance Building in Montpelier

1961 Annual Meeting at Woodstock Inn
Rusty Parker named VAB President

1962 WJOY-FM, Vermont’s first FM station, signs on the air (now WOKO-FM)
Annual Meeting at Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee

1963 Annual Meeting at Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee
Dan Ruggles of WSKI named VAB President

1964 Annual Meeting at Town & Country Motor Lodge in Stowe

1965 Annual Meeting at Lake Morey Inn, Fairlee
WFAD-AM in Middlebury signs on
WRUV-FM begins broadcasting at the University of Vermont
Vin D’Acuti of WJOY named VAB President

1966 Annual Meeting at The Cupola Restaurant and Motel in Burlington

1967 WETK-TV, Burlington, begins operations
Annual Meeting at Marble Island Golf & Yacht Club, Colchester
Frank McCormack of WHWB named VAB President
WNUB-FM in Northfield signs on at Norwich University

1968 WKDR-AM (now WTWK-AM), licensed to Plattsburgh, NY, signs on the air
WVNY-TV, Burlington, commences operations
WVTB-TV, St. Johnsbury, signs on the air
WVER-TV, Rutland, begins operations
WVTA-TV, licensed to Windsor, begins operations
WCVR-AM in Randolph signs on the air
WVTC-FM, licensed to Vermont Technical College in Randolph, signs on
Annual Meeting at Mountain Top Inn in Rutland

1969 Annual Meeting at Summit Lodge, Killington
WVNY-FM (now WEZF-FM), Burlington, signs on
WNHV-FM (now WXLF-FM in Hartford) signs on
David Parnigoni of WKVT named VAB President

1970 Annual Meeting at The Montpelier Tavern
WCFR-FM in Springfield signs on the air; later moves to Swanzey, NH as WEEY
WWSR-FM (now WIXM-FM) in St. Albans signs on

1971 Annual Meeting at Lamplighter Inn in Brattleboro
Alan H. Noyes of WSNO-AM named VAB President
WCNL-FM (now WKKN-FM in Westminster) begins operations in Newport, NH

1972 WJSC-FM, licensed to Johnson State College, begins operations
Annual Meeting at Sugarbush Inn in Warren

1973 WGDR-FM, licensed to Plainfield by Goddard College, signs on
Annual Meeting at Sugarbush Inn in Warren
Phil Waterman – VAB President (WCAX)

1974 Annual Meeting at Shelburne Inn in Shelburne
WWPV-FM begins broadcasting from St. Michael’s College, replacing WSSE-AM
WORK-FM in Barre (now WRFK-FM) signs on the air
WRUT-FM (now WZRT-FM) signs on in Rutland

1975 WCVM-FM, Middlebury (now WWFY-FM, Berlin) signs on
William Graham of WIKE-AM becomes VAB President

1976 WIUV-FM, licensed to Castleton State College, begins operations

1977 Annual Meeting at Quechee Lakes
WNCS-FM, Montpelier, begins operations
WVPR-FM, Windsor, begins operations
Peter Martin of WCAX-TV becomes VAB President

1978 WNNE-TV, licensed to Hartford, begins broadcasting
Annual Meeting at Basin Harbor

1979 WHGC-FM in Bennington, later WBTN-FM, signs on
WKVT-FM in Brattleboro signs on
Annual Meeting at Topnotch in Stowe
Bob Kimel of WWSR-AM and WLFE-FM becomes VAB President

1980 WHWB-FM (now WJJR-FM) signs on the air in Rutland

1981 WVNR-AM in Poultney begins operations
WTIJ-FM (now WZLF-FM) in Bellows Falls signs on
WVPS-FM, Burlington, begins operations
Brian Harwood (WRFB-FM) becomes VAB President

1982 WHRC-FM (now WVTK-FM), licensed to Port Henry, NY, begins operations
WCVR-FM in Randolph (now WVXR-FM) signs on

1983 WIZN-FM Burlington begins operations
WVRS-FM (now WMMP-FM), licensed to Waterbury, commences operation
Mark Brady (WFAD-AM) becomes VAB President

1984 WEQX-FM in Manchester begins operations
WXXX-FM, licensed to South Burlington, goes on the air

1985 WNKV-FM (now WKXH-FM) signs on in St. Johnsbury
WTSA-FM in Brattleboro begins operations
Ken Greene of WCAX-TV is named VAB President

1986 WTWN-AM in Wells River signs on

1987 WRVT-FM, Rutland, begins operations
Tom Pierce of WEZF-FM becomes VAB President

1988 WKLZ-FM (now WDVT-FM) signs on in Rutland
WNYV-FM, licensed to Whitehall, NY, begins operations
WGMT-FM in Lyndon signs on
WYKR-FM, licensed to Haverhill, NH, begins operations
Terry Boone of WNHV becomes VAB President

1989 WVAY-FM (now WTHK-FM) in Wilmington commences operation
WMXR-FM Woodstock (now WWOD-FM) signs on
WSHX-FM (now WDOT-FM), Danville, signs on

1990 WVTQ-FM in Sunderland signs on
David Underhill of WKVT becomes VAB President

1991 WGLV-FM (now WMVY-FM) in Woodstock begins operations
WMOO-FM, licensed to Derby Center, begins operations

1992 Ken Jarvis of WCAX-TV is named VAB President
WEBK-FM (now WJEN-FM) in Rutland signs on
WADQ-FM (now WCLX-FM) goes on the air in Westport, NY

1993 WAEE-FM (now WKOL-FM), Plattsburgh, NY, signs on
WLVB-FM in Morrisville commences broadcasting

1994 WCPV-FM, licensed to Essex, NY, signs on
Dave Kimel of WWSR-AM/WLFE-FM is named VAB President

1995 VAB Hall of Fame Charter Members honored at the Commodore Inn in Stowe: Frank Balch, George Cameron, Jack Barry, Jean Walsh, Ken Greene, Ken Squier, Lloyd Squier, Mickey Gallagher, Rex Marshall, Robert Kimel, Stuart “Red” Martin, Stuart Hall, Tom Pierce and Tony Adams.
WRJT-FM, licensed to Royalton, begins operations
WCMD-FM in Barre signs on
WCMK-FM (now WGLY-FM), licensed to Bolton, begins operations

1996 WWFY-FM (now WIFY-FM), licensed to Addison, starts operations
WSSH-FM in Marlboro (now WRSY-FM) signs on
WXPS-FM (now WXZO-FM), Willsboro, NY, signs on
VAB Convention at Lake Morey Inn in Fairlee
Carlo Zezza and Dave Underhill named to VAB Hall of Fame
Eric Michaels of the Radio Vermont Group becomes VAB President

1997 Dave Kimel and John Kimel named to VAB Hall of Fame
WNHT-FM (now WXXS-FM) in Lancaster, NH signs on
WFFF-TV Burlington begins operations

1998 VAB Convention at Cortina Inn at Killington
Gene Puffer and Vin D’Acuti named to VAB Hall of Fame
Bruce James becomes VAB President

1999 Dennis Snyder and Ernie Farrar named to VAB Hall of Fame
WEXP-FM in Brandon signs on
WVPA-FM, St. Johnsbury, begins operations

2000 WCKP-FM (now WCMK-FM) in Putney signs on
Bird Berdan and Val Carter named to VAB Hall of Fame
Ted Teffner of WCAX-TV is named VAB President

2001 Don Mullally and Ken Jarvis inducted into the VAB Hall of Fame

2002 Eric Michaels and Mike Donovan named to VAB Hall of Fame

2003 Paul Goldman and Peter Martin named to VAB Hall of Fame

2004 Jack Healy and Joel Najman named to VAB Hall of Fame
Dan Dubonnet becomes VAB President
WNCH-FM Norwich signs on

2005 A Brooks Brown and Russ Kinsley named to VAB Hall of Fame

2006 Brian Harwood and Ralph Smith named to VAB Hall of Fame
Candis Leopold of Vermont Broadcast Associates is named VAB President

2007 Frank McCormack named to VAB Hall of Fame
WVTI-FM in Brighton signs on
WTNN-FM, licensed to Bristol, begins operations
Ted Teffner named to VAB Hall of Fame

2008 Al Noyes retires; Jim Condon becomes 2nd VAB Executive Director
Calvin Coolidge and Ron Whitcomb named to VAB Hall of Fame
WOTX-FM in Lunenburg begins operations
WJPK-FM (now WQJQ-FM), licensed to Barton, commences operations
WYME-FM (now WZXP-FM), Au Sable, NY begins broadcasting

2009 Belva Keyworth and Marselis Parsons named to VAB Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame Banquet becomes a separate event from the annual convention; Inn at Essex is first venue
Ken Kasz of WFFF-TV/WVNY-TV becomes VAB President

2010 Judy Leech of WVNR-AM/WNYV-FM is named VAB President
VAB 55th Annual Convention at Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier
Jack Donovan and Mark Brady named to VAB Hall of Fame

2011 VAB 56th Annual Convention at Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier
Andy Potter, George Commo, John King and Rudy Vallee named to HOF
WGDH-FM, licensed to Hardwick by Goddard College, begins operations

2012 VAB 57th Annual Convention at Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier
WVBA-FM, Brattleboro, signs on the air
Eric Michaels of the Radio Vermont Group becomes VAB President
Bruce James, Paul Sands and Tom Cheek named to the VAB Hall of Fame

2013 VAB 58th Annual Convention – Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier, VT
Dan Dubonnet and Louie Manno named to the VAB Hall of Fame

2014 WOXM-FM Middlebury signs on
VAB 59th Annual Convention – Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier, VT

2015 Tim Johnson, Jack LaDuke and Candis Leopold named to the VAB Hall of Fame
VAB 6oth Annual Convention – Capitol Plaza Hotel, Montpelier, VT

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