2016 Commercial of the Year Awards Announced

WIZN, Mt Mansfield Media Win Best in Show Awards

Montpelier, VT — Burlington radio station WIZN-FM and Colchester advertising agency Mt Mansfield Media won Best in Show awards May 25 at the Commercial of the Year Awards luncheon at the Capitol Plaza Hotel. 

The competition is organized by the Vermont Association of Broadcasters and the awards were announced during the organization’s 61st annual convention in Montpelier.

Featured speaker at this year’s convention was Former U.S. Sen. Gordon Smith, President and CEO of the National Association of Broadcasters.

WIZN won the radio Best in Show award for “Jimmy Ex-Girlfriend Files,” a Valentine’s Day promotional spot. 

Mt Mansfield Media won the television Best in Show prize for “Oxen Exhaust,” a promotional spot for the Tunbridge World’s Fair, sponsored by White River Toyota.

Nearly 200 entries were received from Vermont radio stations, television stations and advertising agencies.  The three groups compete amongst themselves in the categories of commercials, promotional spots and public service announcements. 

Mt Mansfield Media also won first place awards for agency radio and agency television commercials.  Their radio winner was “Plants Noir Radio,” a spot for Guy’s Farm and Yard.  Their agency television award was for “The Job Hunt,” an ad for Westaff.

Besides the radio Best in Show award, WIZN also won a first place prize in the promo category for “Kickoffs and Kash Finale,” a spot for City Sports Grille. 

WJOY-AM in Burlington won the first place award for radio commercials for “Things that Suck,” a spot for Vacuum City.

Rutland radio station WSYB-AM won a first place award for “High School Wasn’t for Me,” a public service announcement on behalf of Vermont Adult Learning.

TV Station WFFF won a first place award in the public service category for “Spectrum’s Student Sleep Out,” and another first place prize in the promotional spot category for “Non-Stop Comedy Block.”

Top prize in the television station commercial category went to WPTZ for “Celebrate the Lake,” a spot for the ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain.

Burlington advertising agency Urban Rhino won a first place award in the public service category for “Let’s Grow Kids – Tough Choices #1.”

The VAB’s annual competition is the only such broadcast advertising contest in Vermont.  The VAB is a non-profit trade association founded in 1955 to assist Vermont’s radio and television stations.

The complete list of winners:

2016 VAB Commercial of the Year Awards

Radio PSA

First Place:
“Vermont Adult Learning- High School Wasn’t For Me”
Writer –   Juli Tatro & Jason Davis
Producer – Jason Davis
Talent  – Jason Davis, Charlie Meeks & Ed Kelly

“Newport Dessert Challenge”
Writer: Bruce James
Producer: Bruce James
Talent: Bruce James

Agency PSA

First Place:
Urban Rhino
“Let’s Grow Kids: Tough Choices #1”
Writer: Megan Stearns
Producer: Cameron Savage

Television Station PSA

First Place:
“Spectrum’s Student Sleep Out”
Writer, Producer and Videographer: Andy Brumbaugh
Talent: Jack Cannizzaro, Celia Andrews, Rowan Jensen, Aidan Jensen, Liam Redmond, Shea Andrews and Steve Kamer

“Every Week is Drinking Water Week!”
Writer and Producer: Jen Bergeron
Videographer and Editor: James Henault

Radio Promo

First Place:
City Sports Grille “Kickoffs and Kash Finale”
Writers: Sue Gosselin, Mitch Terricciano
Producer: Mitch Terricciano
Talent: Joe DiRenzo and Mitch Terricciano

“Frosty the Doughman”
Writer: Kwame Dankwa
Producer: Kwame Dankwa
Talent: Amber Huyghe and Kwame Dankwa

Television Station Promo

First Place:
“Non-Stop Comedy Block”
Writer: Benjamin Carstens
Producer: Benjamin Carstens
Talent: Steve Kamer

The Valley CW – WPTZ 5.2
“WPTZ/The Valley CW Street Team Comic Con”
Writer s: Steve Kuntz, Brian Damm
Producer: Steve Kuntz

Agency Radio Commercial

First Place:
Mt. Mansfield Media
Guy’s Farm and Yard
“Plants Noir Radio”
Writer and Producer- Mt. Mansfield Media
Talent: Adam Cunningham

Shadow Productions
Jamieson Insurance
“College Tour”
Writer: Matt Dugan
Producers: Alex Ball and Leah Stewart
Talent: Jim Grulich and the Jon Jamieson family

Radio Station Commercial

First Place:
Vacuum City
“Things That Suck”
Writer: Kate Lanza
Producer: Jon Brooks
Talent: Jon Brooks

White Market
“School Lunches”
Writer and Producer: Bruce James
Talent: Lauren Percy and Christopher Percy

 Agency TV Commercial

First Place:
Mt. Mansfield Media
“The Job Hunt”
Writer and Producer: Mt. Mansfield Media
Talent: Ashley Nease, Aly Perry, Adam Cunningham and Jay Preston
Videographer- Mt. Mansfield Media

Mt. Mansfield Media
Lenny’s Shoe and Apparel
“Lenny’s VTeezy”
Writer and Producer: Mt. Mansfield Media
Talent: Jessee Maranda, Steve Lidle, Lena Whitaker, Teo Chiappinelli, Ruth Chiappinelli, Julie Chiappinelli, Pitz Quattrone, Cael Barkman, Shawn Garrett, Daniel Luttrel, Ashley Gamage, Marshall Cummings, Max Bisaccia, Emily Garrand. Vanessa Halliday and Marc Leblanc
Videographer- Mt. Mansfield Media

 Television Station Commercial

First Place:
ECHO Leahy Center for Lake Champlain
“Celebrate the Lake”
Writers: Brian Sumner and Abbe Malcolm
Producer: Brian Sumner
Talent: Liz Spitler
Videographer: Brian Sumner

Green Mountain Carpet Cleaning
Writer and Producer: Jen Bergeron
Videographer and Editor: Robert Conley

Radio Best in Show:
WIZN Valentine’s Day Promo
“Jimmy Ex-Girlfriend Files”
Writers:  Devon McGarry and Mitch Terricciano
Producer: Devon McGarry
Talent: Devon McGarry and Kate Lanza

Television Best in Show:
Mt. Mansfield Media
Tunbridge World’s Fair/White River Toyota
“Oxen Exhaust”
Writer, Producer and Videographer: Mt. Mansfield Media
Talent: Mark Whitney, “Tiger” Dick Barnaby and Aletia Potter


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