School Closings Problems

The short version:
If you use VAB school closing information for your radio or tv station website or on-air graphics generators this probably affects you.  VAB school closings may not be working on Tuesday, November 13 due to a technical problem.  The timing of this is bad with winter weather approaching the area – we are working on a fix and sincerely apologize for the problems!
The long version:
New web protocols (which resulted in most broadcasters updating the security certificates for websites in recent months) have created an issue with the display of vabdayoff closings data using the html format. Generally, it is causing the links built into secure sites to fail. The problem was identified in testing, but we were unsuccessful getting the security updated as of 9pm Monday.
Again, when a non-secure link is placed inside a secure site using common commands, like iframes, the link breaks because the vabdayoff site is not recognized as “secure.”
We are working on the solution, but this will likely not occur until sometime Tuesday at the earliest.  An update email will be issued as soon as things are fixed.
Jay Barton, WCAX
Joe Tymecki, VPR