Job Opening at WCAX

News Assignment Manager

WCAX is looking for an aggressive, experienced Assignment Manager with solid news judgment who can juggle multiple tasks simultaneously and adjust to a constantly changing environment. The ideal candidate must be the calm in the chaos while evaluating resources, making good decisions, and communicating clearly and effectively under deadline. The Assignment Manager is responsible for recognizing, assigning and coordinating all broadcast coverage needs, including supervising all reporters and field crews while on assignment and aiding producers in cultivating and confirming content over the course of the day. The Assignment Manager assists reporters and producers with story development and structure, and coordinates all logistics as coverage needs demand, including, planning travel and communication with crews while on assignment.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Lead and participate in editorial and futures planning meetings
  • Generate and pitch story ideas
  • Create, gather, develop, confirm, and set up news coverage using multiple resources and all digital platforms
  • Dispatch news teams to breaking news and all coverage assignments, as needed
  • Manage logistics for all coverage assignments, as needed
  • Post assignments in newsroom planning grid, providing specific details and updates for all assignments
  • Track and communicate development of news stories and events
  • Work with broadcast and digital producers for coordinated coverage
  • Work with reporters and producers on story treatment
  • Develop and maintain news contacts and sources
  • Keep newsroom contact list updated
  • Engage in short and long-term planning and maintain planning calendar
  • Answer telephone calls and emails from the public and viewers
  • Collaborate with network assignment desks and other affiliates via phone and email, as needed
  • Upload and share video with field teams, affiliates, sister stations and/or the Network, as requested
  • Offer positive leadership as a member of the news management team, working to continue the strategic and budgetary goals of the news department
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned
  • Work morning, evening, weekends, or holidays, as required

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