EAS Test 8/10 at 5:07AM

Monday, August 10th at 5:07AM, VT Emergency Management will issue a required monthly test of the Emergency Alert System.

RMTs will be initiated by Vermont Emergency Management and will use the Event Code “RMT”. All broadcasters and cable operators receiving an RMT test must re-transmit this test within 60 minutes of receiving it.  Transmission of this RMT test takes the place of the Required Weekly Test (RWT) for that week. Times should be logged for both the receipt and re-transmission of the RMT test. Broadcast and cable management should impress upon their staff that re- transmission of this test is mandatory.  It is an FCC violation to fail to re-transmit this test within 60 minutes of receiving it.

The best policy may be to set your EAS unit for a 60-minute automatic countdown upon receiving an RMT. If the operator on duty does not send the test manually within that window, the EAS unit will do it when time runs out.

If a situation develops that takes precedence of a Required Monthly Test, Vermont Emergency Management officials will notify broadcast organizations accordingly.