Free Webinar: Re-opening and Dancing Around COVID: Taking Your Creative to New Heights

Tuesday, August 11th
By Blaine and Honey Parker, LBS Branding Experts
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The message matters–whether you’re talking to the advertiser or the advertiser’s customer. Blaine and Honey Parker are up next on our webinar series focused on re-opening your business community. The Parkers will be addressing two key themes in this powerful webinar message.

Theme 1: What can you say to your clients or your prospective clients? (Fortunes are being-made when others are scared to advertise, including the three rules of prospecting for you.)

Theme 2: What should your client’s advertising say to their customer? (Hear the five different ways to get the listener/viewer/reader past COVID.) You will want to attend this practical session that will assist your creative efforts on behalf of your advertisers and station.

There will also be a live question and answer session for practical applications.