Biennial Ownership Reports Due 12/1

The FCC held an information session to explain the requirements for the filing of Biennial Ownership Reports which must be submitted by commercial and noncommercial AM, FM, TV and LPTV operators by December 1, 2021. A replay of the information session is available on the FCC’s website, here, and on the FCC’s YouTube channel, here.
These reports inform the FCC of the ownership of each station as of October 1, 2021. The FCC has already warned broadcasters that there will be enforcement penalties for stations that do not file these reports.

FCC data shows that over 1,300 stations failed to file their biennial reports in 2019. While a handful of full power television and Class A stations failed to file, hundreds of low power television (LPTV), commercial and noncommercial FM stations, and commercial AM stations neglected to file their reports. Many more stations (approximately 1,800) filed incomplete reports. To date, the FCC has not taken any enforcement action against these stations, but given the number of reports that were not filed, NAB is concerned about a potential uptick in enforcement in this area.