2022 Convention Recap and Production of the Year Award Winners!

The VAB’s 66th Annual Meeting, Convention and Production of the Year Awards were held Tuesday, June 7th at Sugarbush Resort in Warren, VT. Over 100 Vermont radio and television broadcasters gathered to share a meal, connect with colleagues, get inspired to perform like a champion thanks to speaker Aaron Davis and recognize outstanding commercial, promo, PSA and digital production created over the last 12 months!

Eighteen Vermont Broadcasters won commercial, promo, PSA and digital production awards. Each entry was given a score for creativity, production value, copyrighting and ability to evoke a response and the entries with the highest score in each category won!

2022 VAB Production of the Year Award Winners

Outstanding Radio Station Digital Commercial, Promo or PSA:
Radio Vermont Group for “Marketing Munchies – Social Media”
Writer/Producer/Videographer: Steven Tanzi and Talent: Nathan Wright

Outstanding Television Station Digital Commercial, Promo or PSA:
WNNE-TV for “National Superhero Day”
Writer/Producer: Bailey McGregor and Talent: Lisa Malay

Outstanding Production Company TV PSA:
Westview Digital Video and Design “Community Health – Kids Vaccine”
Producer/Director: Community Health/Jill Jesso White and Videographer/Editor: Andrew Wilson

Outstanding Radio Station PSA:
WEZF-FM for “VT Children’s Alliance – Self Harm”
Writer/Talent: Amanda Lee and Producer: Jesse Phelps

Outstanding TV Station PSA:
WCAX-TV for “Take Action”
Writer/Producer:  Jen Bergeron

Outstanding Radio Community Event or Fundraiser Promo:
WFVR-LP for “Take It To The River”
Writer/Talent: Todd Tyson and Producer/Editor: Jim Rooney

Outstanding TV Community Event or Fundraiser Promo:
WPTZ-TV for “Burlington Discover Jazz Festival”
Writer/Producer: Steve Kuntz and Talent: Steve Stone

Outstanding Radio Contest Promo:
WKKN-FM for “Santa’s Sack”
Writer: Dayna Derby, Producer: Rich Witt and Talent: Dave Ferguson

Outstanding TV Promotion Promo:
WVNY-TV for “Summer Pet Pics Contest”
Writer/Producer: Shaun Danforth and Talent: Tricia Ferguson

Outstanding Radio Show Promo:
WIZN-FM for “Highway to Mel”
Writer/Producer: Kevin Mays and Talent: Mark Peeples

Outstanding TV Program or Special Feature Promo:
WFFF-TV for “Mystery in the Mountains”
Writer/Producer: Andy Brumbaugh, Videographers: Local 44 News Team and Talent: Steve Kamer

Outstanding Radio Branding Promo:
WKOL-FM for “Your Vacation Station”
Writer/Producer: Mark Knight and Talent: Louie Manno

Outstanding TV Branding Promo:
WPTZ-TV for “Tyler Gets It Right” Series
Writers: Steve Kuntz and Brian Damm, Producers/Videographers: Steve Kuntz and Dave Fleming and Talent: Tom Messner & Tyler Jankoski

Outstanding TV Commercial by a Production Company:
Mt. Mansfield Media for “VEIC – 1902
Writer/Producer/Videographer: Mt. Mansfield Media

RUNNER UP of Outstanding Radio Commercial:
WWOD-FM for “HP Roofing – First In Line”
Writer/Producer: Bob Sherman and Talent: Jeff Acker

Outstanding Radio Commercial is:
WEQX-FM for “Wagmore Kennels – Talking To Dogs”
Writer/Talent: Jeff Morad and Producer: Matt Proft

RUNNER UP of Outstanding Television Commercial:
WVNY-TV for “The Bern Gallery – Santa’s Helper”
Writer/Producer/Videographer: Shaun Danforth

Outstanding Television Commercial:
WCAX-TV for“The Edge – Reimagined”
Writer/Producer: Jen Bergeron and Videographer: Robert Conley