12/1 Deadline to File Annual EEO Public Inspection File Report

This is a reminder that there is a Thursday, December 1 deadline for Vermont broadcast stations with 5 or more full-time employees to upload EEO public file reports to their FCC-hosted online public inspection file.  On or before December 1, all commercial and noncommercial full power radio and television and Class A TV stations in Vermont with five or more full-time (30 hours a week or more) employees in their station employment unit are required to post to their online public file their most recent EEO annual report.  A station employment unit is a station or group of commonly-owned stations serving the same general area that share at least one employee.  A direct link to the EEO public file report must also be included on the homepage of each station’s website.

This report details a station’s recruitment efforts to identify applicants for full-time positions that were filled from December 1, 2021 through November 30, 2022.  It also provides information about the outreach efforts that the station conducted during this period using the FCC’s menu options.  These menu options are meant to educate the community about broadcast employment and to train employees to assume greater responsibilities at their stations.  Performing activities listed in the menu options is required for station employment units of 5 or more full-time employees, even if they had no employment openings in the last year.

Stations with fewer than five full-time employees in their station employment unit are not required to post an EEO annual report in their online public file or on their website.  For more information about a station’s EEO obligations, the FCC has a set of EEO Frequently Asked Questions on their website.