5 Accessory Ideas for On-The-Go Multimedia Journalists!

These days, you can shoot video, record audio, edit and publish all from your small device. To make your on-the-go stories even more professional, consider investing in some extra gear and accessories!

#1 – Parrot Teleprompter

Looking for an easy, inexpensive teleprompter you can take on the go? The Parrot Teleprompter from Padcaster transforms your iPhone into a teleprompter that allows you to read from a script while looking directly at the lens. It can be mounted onto your iPad, DSLR camera and more.  Available from Padcaster for $139.

#2 – Rode Wireless GO mic

If you’re taking videos on your phone, you’ll want to use a mic other than what’s already built in to the phone’s hardware. This is where Rode’s wireless audio transmitter and receiver comes in. Unlike its bulky, wireless predecessors, the Wireless GO is small, lightweight and easy to clip to your collar, backpack strap, etc. without sacrificing quality. On Amazon for $219.

#3 – DGI Osmo Mobile 3

We all know it’s impossible to hold your hand steady while shooting videos on your phone. This 3-axis gimbal will help reduce shakiness, resulting in smooth footage. It is also lightweight, portable and has buttons for single-handed control. Available from DGI for $119.

#4 – DGI Osmo Pocket

This stabilized camera offers many of the same features as the DGI Osmo Mobile, but it doesn’t require you to hook up your phone. Instead, the small camera operates completely independently and still captures high-quality, smooth videos. And it fits in your pocket. It’s available from DGI for $349.

#5 – Mevo

Interested in livestreaming? The Mevo makes it easy with live editing techniques that make your videos more dynamic in real time. Small and portable, the Mevo connects directly with any live-streaming service and can connect to many at once. It is available for $424.99 from Mevo.

Credit to Taylor Mulcahey from International Journalist’s Network for the idea descriptions