Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP)

What is the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program?

The FCC routinely inspects radio and television stations for a variety of technical issues, sometimes without warning.  Every three years, the VAB offers the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) to help stations ensure they are in compliance with FCC regulations, and 2021 is an ABIP year. Stations that pass the ABIP program receive a certified 3-year exemption from routine FCC technical inspections.

Why Should I Have An ABIP Done?

100+ stations use the VAB ABIP program, recognizing the benefits of having a VAB contracted engineer inspect their station to avoid costly and time-consuming FCC inspections.  If non-compliance issues are found, stations are given an opportunity to correct them. Under this program, a station that is inspected by a VAB technical inspector and certified to be in compliance is exempt from routine inspections by the FCC Field Office for three years.

How Much Does An ABIP Cost?

Due to the economic impact of Coronavirus, this year, the VAB will be covering 100% of the $500 cost of ABIP inspections for member stations in good standing (meaning, membership dues have been paid). Non-member stations are also invited to have ABIP inspections done at a cost of $500 each. Stations may join the VAB at any time to take advantage of this amazing 100% subsidy member benefit, but again, you do not have to be a VAB member to use the ABIP program. 

Who Does The ABIP Inspections?

VAB contracts top quality engineers approved by the FCC to conduct these inspections.  Robert Shotwell and/or his colleague Dennis Loria from Spectrum Investigative Services will work directly with stations to schedule their ABIP inspection at a convenient time. The inspection will be guided by the FCC’s most recent self- inspection check list: Stations will be notified of any detected violations and given a reasonable period of time to correct violations. A re-inspection may be conducted if necessary. When the station is in compliance, Spectrum Investigative Services will issue a certificate of compliance, which will be mailed to the station. A copy will also be given to the FCC Field Office, so they know not to do a technical inspection of that station.

ABIP Process Step-By-Step:

1.  Download the VAB ABIP Station Agreement Here

2. Complete and sign the contract, scan and email to, or mail it to:
Vermont Association of Broadcasters
4 Carmichael St., 111-106
Essex Junction, VT 05452

3. After the contract is received, Robert Shotwell or Dennis Loria will contact you to schedule a date to conduct the inspection. 

3.  Inspectors will review stations for compliance on most FCC regulations.  However, they will not review a stations compliance with EEO regulations or the contents of the station’s political file. Most of the administrative parts of the inspection will be done by email exchange to keep office, studio and face-to-face time down to a minimum. 

4.  Station will receive a report directly from Spectrum Investigative Services. 

  • If there are no deficiencies, a Certificate of Compliance will be mailed to the station and a copy will be sent to the FCC.
  • If the report finds deficiencies, the stations must correct them before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued.  If a re-inspection is necessary, it can be done, but the station is responsible for the cost.

5. If a station cancels their ABIP inspection after the process has begun, the station is responsible for the entire $500 cost.

6.  If you have any questions please contact Wendy Mays at or (802) 233-0296.