Every three years the VAB, in cooperation with the FCC, urges stations to enroll in the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) to help stations ensure they are in compliance with FCC regulations.

Under this program, a station that is inspected by a VAB technical inspector and certified to be in compliance is exempt from routine inspections by the FCC Field Office for three years.

The program costs $500 per inspection, but the VAB pays a substantial portion of that fee as a member benefit and incentive to have it done. The most recent ABIP year was 2018 and the next ABIP year will be 2021.

Spectrum Investigative Services is approved by the FCC to conduct inspections. After an ABIP contract with the VAB is signed and the station pays their contribution, Robert Shotwell and/or his colleague Dennis Lauria will work directly with stations to schedule their ABIP inspection at a convenient time. Stations will be notified of any detected violations and given a reasonable period of time to correct violations. A re-inspection may be conducted if necessary. When the station is in compliance, the VAB will send a Certificate of Compliance to the station and a copy to the FCC Field Office.

Check back here in 2021 for more ABIP details.