Brian Collamore Retires After 47 Years In Broadcasting

Friday, August 2nd, 2019 after over 47 years of broadcasting in the state of Vermont, Brian Collamore, retired from Catamount Radio.

Even before he became a Vermont State Senator, Brian was a household name in Rutland County. From high schools sock hops, to afternoon shows to account executive and  general sales manager respectively.

Over the decades, Brian was a mentor to many in radio.  Catamount Radio Operations Manager Terry Jaye said on his retirement, “Brian was always a class act on air and off.  He always took the high road”.

General Manager, Glenda O’Connor said “Brian was an exemplary employee and anyone who connected with Brian through the years still speaks very highly of him.  Brian had this unique ability to hear a song and look at you and tell you the date the song came out with the artist and the name of the song and any strange story that came with why or how the song became famous.  We used to quiz him on that sometimes and we thought we could stump him, but we never could. Another thing about Brian was his humor.  He’s a really funny guy and you just feel good to be around him.  It is an honor to know him and we will miss him greatly here at Catamount Radio”.

Brian was inducted into the VAB Hall of Fame in 2017. The VAB thanks him for his service as a broadcaster and wishes him a happy retirement!