Call for Fall Internship Opportunities

VAB has been hard at work developing relationships with Vermont colleges and universities that offer broadcast related degree programs including:

  • Castleton University
  • Champlain College
  • Northern Vermont University
  • Norwich University
  • St. Michael’s College
  • University of Vermont

If you would like the VAB to connect your station(s) with a college student looking for an internship for college credit this fall, please email Wendy Mays at with the following information so we can refer the most qualified students (note, you retain the right to interview and are not required to “hire” any students just because they are a VAB referral):

  1. Station call letters where the intern will be working.
  2. Physical Address of the station(s) where the intern will be working.
  3. Name, title, phone and email of the person who will be mentoring the intern.
  4. Of Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior and/or Senior, indicate the class standing(s) you are willing to have intern at your station(s).
  5. Are there any particular skills you prefer a student to have? (i.e writing, editing, storytelling, video production and editing; digital media, web administration, etc.)
  6. A simple outline describing:
    1. Department(s) in which the student’s internship will mostly be spent.
    2. Things the student can expect to learn.
    3. Activities in which the student can expect to gain experience.

Once you have let the us know you are willing to take on a college intern, VAB will work with the network of college professors and student advisers we’ve built to send you the most qualified internship applicants. Again, you will have the opportunity to interview each potential intern and have the option whether or not to “hire” every applicant.