Join a Committee

Serving on a VAB committee is a fantastic way to get involved, connect with colleagues from other parts of the state, represent your region and have your voice heard. All committee meetings are held virtually via ZOOM. Read below for committee descriptions and meeting times.


Meetings: Third Monday of Each Month from 1:00-1:30PM

Red LChair: Jay Barton, VAB Board Secretary
If you want to stay informed on bills impacting broadcasters that have been introduced in the state legislature and/or in Congress, this is the committee for you. The VAB will keep you informed and you will be a part of the decision making process as we determine legislative priorities, strategies and actions.  Topics often covered include Performance Royalties, Cannabis Advertising and journalism preservation initiatives. To join, email with subject line “Legislative Committee”.


Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month from 3:30-4:30PM

Blue MChair: Dave Godette, VAB Board Vice President
If you want to be involved in what membership benefits the VAB offers and/or want to steer the way annual events are conducted, this is the committee for you. The membership committee works together to identify potential new member benefits as well as analyze current benefits to determine return on investment. This includes professional growth opportunities, scholarships, the new paid intern program and any other ideas you have to support VAB members. The Membership committee also steers the Annual Convention and Production of the Year Awards in June as well as the Annual Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet in December. To join, email with subject line “Membership Committee”.


Meetings: As Needed

Green FChair: Chip Morgan, VAB Board Treasurer
If you want to know more about how the VAB operates fiscally, this is the committee for you. The Finance Committee reviews all the financials and each Spring, reviews and makes recommendations to the board for the next Fiscal Year beginning July 1st. This committee also reviews and makes recommendations about investment strategy. To join the Finance Committee, email with subject line “Finance Committee”.