Join a Committee

Serving on a VAB committee is a fantastic way to get involved, meet colleagues from other parts of the state and have your voice heard. Read below for committee descriptions and meeting times.


Meetings: TBD

Purple NChair: Kelli Corbeil, Past President
2021 goal for this committee will be to evaluate the VAB’s annual awards. This includes the entry and/or nomination process, categories, judgment criteria and presentation. To join, email with subject line “Award Nomination” *Note, only one person from each station group can be on this committee at any given time.


Meetings: TBD

Red LChair: Jay Barton, VAB Board Secretary
2021 goals for this committee are to review bills of interest to broadcasters introduced this session by the Vermont House and Senate and determine legislative priorities and actions. We will also review the status of national issues such as Performance Royalties, Station Ownership Rules, C-BAND, etc. Station owners and managers are encouraged to serve on this committee. To join, email with subject line “Legislative Committee”.


Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month from 3:00-4:00PM

Blue MChair: Dave Godette, VAB Board Vice President
2021 goal for this committee is to identify and prioritize new member benefits. This could include professional growth opportunities, scholarships to industry conventions, a paid internship program, a virtual job fair and other ideas. Membership committee will also evaluate if/how the Annual Convention and Hall of Fame & Awards Banquet can happen safely this year. To join, email with subject line “Membership Committee”.


Meetings: TBD

Green FChair: Chip Morgan, VAB Board Treasurer
The Finance Committee has three projects they are working on:

  1. Create an investment strategy proposal for the board to consider
  2. Analyze appropriations to fund more member benefits
  3. Review College Scholarships and suggest potential
  4. Recommend a budget for next Fiscal Year

To join the Finance Committee, email with subject line “Finance Committee”.