Engineer (Radio)

Director of Engineering

Engineering professionals who have served as chief engineers are in line for this top
techie position and are strong in electronics theory. In some markets, the jobs of director
of engineering and chief engineer are combined. The director of this department
oversees the engineering and technical integrity of the station or station cluster and is
familiar with AM and/or FM transmitters, combiners and antenna systems. They have the
ability to manage large-scale projects such as studio builds or transmitter installations,
and have expertise in directional arrays, studio equipment, computer and telephone
systems as well. Many have college degrees in electrical and computer engineering. An
FCC license is mandatory and SBE certification is preferred.

Chief Engineer

The chief engineer has direct responsibility for technical administration and staffing as
well as maintenance and repair of broadcast systems and equipment. Chief engineers
can communicate well with technical and non-technical personnel. Updated technical
credentials and ability to keep pace with technological advancements are crucial to this

Assistant Engineer

Considered an entry-level position, the person in this post at larger stations should have
at least one year of experience in radio engineering and at least a high school diploma.
Internships may count. Typically, this is a full-time position.