FCC & FEMA EAS Test Meeting Summary & Reminder to file ETRS Form 1 ASAP!

FEMA has scheduled a nationwide EAS test for Wednesday, August 7, 2019 at 2:20pm.

To prepare for that test, the FCC and FEMA held a meeting July 9th for EAS participants and public safety organizations to discuss topics such as goals, technical elements, and expectations for the upcoming test. View Agenda.

VAB participated in the call and offers the following take away:

This year’s test will be sent through the Primary Entry Point network of stations, not through the internet (IPAWS).  So your stations need to make sure they are monitoring the correct sources to ensure that they are somewhere downstream on the daisy chain from a Primary Entry Point station.  FEMA wants to shake down the last-resort PEP network to make sure it’s operational if needed.  As in prior years, FEMA will check in with the Weather Service and FEMA Operations to see if there is any reason why the test should be postponed.

Every station was supposed to have already filed ETRS Form 1 (deadline was 7/3/19), but if you haven’t, you are still able to file late, though the FCC’s ETRS team says any late filings “should be done right away.” Read Radio World Article. ETRS Forms 2 and 3 will be available after the test is issued.

– Thanks to Suzanne Goucher of the Maine Association of Broadcasters for the summary!