FCC Filing Data Base Change from CDBS to LMS

The FCC issued a press release last week announcing that their CDBS Database will no longer be available for filings, after January 12th.  The FCC will accept applications in its new Licensing and Management System (LMS) database.  The FCC has been gradually moving applications into the new system.  While some applications are already in LMS, this decision could affect certain radio applications, STA requests and comments.

If you are filing and application with the FCC, make sure it is filed in the correct database.  Consult your counsel. According to the FCC filings that cannot be submitted using LMS must be submitted by email to audiofilings@fcc.gov. In the case of filings using an FCC form, the form should be submitted as an attachment to the email in “pdf” format.

A more detailed explanation from noted Communications Attorney David Oxenford can be found at  https://www.broadcastlawblog.com/2022/01/articles/fcc-announces-end-of-filings-in-their-cdbs-database-as-of-5-pm-eastern-time-today/

To see the FCC’s Notice at https://www.fcc.gov/document/media-bureau-announces-new-filing-procedures