Catch up on Recent Webinars

Catch up on webinars you missed that the VAB has made available free to our members over the last few months:

“What We Can Learn From Ad Agencies About Selling and Retaining Long-Term Local Direct Business” from 5/25 by Paul Weyland

“Unconscious Bias in our Everyday Lives” from 5/19 by Binnu Palta Hill

“Does Price Matter to Your Clients and Station?” from 5/10 by Gary Moore

“Reasons to Keep Advertising Even During Inventory and Labor Issues” from 3/30 by Paul Weyland

“Approaching Auto Dealers During These Historic Times” from 3/8t by John Tkac

Political Broadcasting Webinar from 2/24 by Fletcher, Heald & Hildreth attorneys Frank Montero and Sara Hinkle and the FCC Political Broadcasting team, Bobby Baker, Gary Schonman and Sima Nilsson. 

“Getting Your Unfair Share of 2022 Dollars; The Election and More” from 2/17 by Barry Cohen

“Insta-Branding and the Commercial Quickie” from 2/8 by Blaine and Honey Parker

“Trends of the Future Now – What Every Broadcaster Should Know From CES” from 1/20 by Shawn DuBravac

“From Influence to Impact: You Ordered The Advertising. We Ran It Correctly. I’m Here To Collect” from 1/19 by Mark Levy

“The Broadcast Seller’s 10 Commandments For Modern Leadership and Success” from 1/11 by Gary Moore

“Fighting Fakes and Truth Decay” from 1/4 with Al Tompkins – part of the Poytner Webinar Series for Journalists

“The Girlfriend’s Guide to Closing The Deal” from 12/14 with Melody Spann-Cooper

“Battling Bias” from 12/8 by Al Tompkins – part of the Poynter Webinar Series for Journalists

“Everything Political; Preparing Broadcasters for 2022” from 11/18 by David Oxenford

“New Remote Control Interface (AUI) for Nautel Transmitters” from 11/16 by Matt Herdon

“How To Write A “Creative” Spot in Minutes – Even If You’re a Newbie” from 11/9 by Tim Burt

“Powerful Storytelling (Part 2)” from 11/4 by Al Tompkins – part of the Poynter Webinar Series for Journalists

“Today’s Unconventional Approach to Retail and Professional Services Ad Selling Success!” from 10/27 by Paul Weyland

“Powerful Storytelling (Part 1)” from 10/21 by Al Tompkins – part of the Poynter Webinar Series for Journalists

“ATSC 3.0: Applications in Public and Commercial Television” from 10/21 by Vincent Curren & Kerry Oslund

“Surviving Remote Broadcasting During A Pandemic” from 10/19 by Doug Ferber

“Building Broadcast and Digital Strategies That Will Get Your Dealers Attention Now!” from 10/12 by John Tkac

“Why You Deserve A Raise Next Year and Precisely How To Get It” from 9/29 by Paul Weyland

“Installing & Controlling a Virtual Broadcast Mixer” from 9/21 by Kirk Harnack

“Monetizing Podcasts” from 9/16 by Seth Resler

Why “Engagement” is the Social Media Metric That Matters First! from 9/14 by Lori Lewis

“Leadership and Selling Philosophies for Today” from 8/25 by Paul Weyland

Political File Rules Webinar with FCC Panel” from 8/19 Password: %W?6.xrV Download the Slide Deck from the FCC’s presentation

“Care and Feeding of AM Directional Antenna Systems and Understanding the Method of Moments Modeling of Directional Systems Procedure” from 8/17 by Michael Patton

“Review of Ransomware Issues in Broadcast IP” from 7/20 by Wayne Pecena

“You’ve Been Breached: The What, When and How of Responding to a Data Security Incident” by Lisa Ellingson. Access Passcode: Lu%4?H5r  You’ve Been Breached Presentation

“The Art of Storytelling; The Art of Sales. One and the Same?” from 7/15 by Pat Bryson. Download hand-out/workbook here:

“Broadcast Selling Is Always Evolving – Are You?” from 7/13 by Greg Gibons