Free Engineering Webinar 9/21 & Free Sales Webinar 9/29

Installing & Controlling a Virtual Broadcast Mixer

Kirk Harnack photoTuesday, September 21st
11:00 AM Eastern
presented by Kirk Harnack with Telos Alliance
part of the ABA Engineering Academy’s Monthly Webinar Series
Broadcasters are making the shift to virtualization as software versions of broadcast equipment become available. The benefits of virtualization can’t be denied and are worthy of your consideration when pondering your next studio equipment purchase. In this webinar we’ll look into a true virtual audio mixer. We’ll see what the installation looks like with a demonstration, and further show how you can use the Axia iQs to quickly add virtual audio consoles in your station, at home, or anywhere else!

Why You Deserve A Raise Next Year and Precisely How To Get It!

Weyland Wednesday crop 092921Weyland Wednesday with Paul Weyland, LBS Broadcast Expert
Wednesday, September 29th
Noon Eastern

In this information-packed and entertaining session, Local Direct Advocate Paul Weyland shows you exactly what you need to know now to have a killer 4th Quarter and how to plan for a terrific 2022. Then, as usual, we’ll open it up to your local direct questions, including anything regarding creative for any product/service categories you might be working on right now.

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