Catch up on Past Webinars

Catch up on seminars you missed that the VAB has made available free to our members over the last few months:

How to Give your National Superstars Homecourt Advantage from 9/17 by Kipper McGee

Digital Marketing: Assisting Your Clients as they Reopen in Today’s Environment from 9/8 by Greg Gibbon

Political File Rules Webinar with FCC Panel from 8/19 Password: %W?6.xrV Download the Slide Deck from the FCC’s presentation

Leading a Local Newsroom Through Uncertain Times from 7/27 & 7/28 with Al Tompkins

“Power Up Your Reporting Parts 1 & 2” from 7/20 & 7/21 with Al Tompkins

“It’s Not Just Selling Digital, It’s Understanding How to Sell Against It” from 7/16 with Derron Steenbergen

“Digital & Social Media Legal Issues for Broadcasters” from 7/16 by David Oxenford

“Maximize your Profile, Develop Your Business and Generate Leads with Linked In” from 7/1 by Chris Miller

Trends in Local Sales of OTT Advertising” from 6/18

“Jacobs Media COVID-19 Listener Survey 2” from 6/11 by Jacobs Media

“Reopening Doors with Innovation and Creativity” from 6/9 by Tim Burt

“Protest Coverage: Safety, Prep and Knowing Your Rights” from 6/3 by Reynolds Journalism Institute

“21st Century Leadership – How to cultivate leadership in today’s workplace” from 5/21 by Jeff Butler, Generation Workplace Expert

“Working with Agencies More Effectively: Post Pandemic” from 5/21 by Emmie Musser, Güd Marketing

Making Your Mark In A Recovering Economy! from 5/12 by Paul Weyland

The Survival Marketing Workshop from 4/23/20 by Mike Blinder

Enough! Part 1 from 4/15/20 and Enough! Part 2 from 4/22/20, both joint presentations by Derron Steenbergen from Swagger Institute and Speed Marriott from P1 Learning.

Political Advertising Refresher from 4/16/20 by David Oxenford as well as his slide deck.

Broadcasters Can Be Sales Leaders During an Unsettled Economy from 4/14/20 by
Mark Levy.

The New Normal Programming & Personality In a Once-In-A-Lifetime Crisis from 4/7/20 by Tracy Johnson.

Selling Through a Pandemic from 3/31/20 by Paul Weyland.

COVID-19: Be the Best in Your Market from 3/26/20 by Gary Moore, Tim Burt, Mary Levy and Paul Weyland.

How to Monetize Social Media in a Meaningful Way from 3/10/20 by Lori Lewis

Help Car Dealers Dominate Their Market from 2/11/20 by John Tkac

5 Common Brand Mistakes and How to Avoid Them from 1/14/20 by Blaine and Honey Parker