If You Can’t Say Anything Nice About Sirius XM, Come Sit By Me!

SiruisXM email adOp-Ed by VAB Executive Director Wendy Mays

If you haven’t seen the attack ad Sirius XM emailed this week against AM/FM radio (to the right), sit down, because if you’re like me, you’re going to be mad as hell!  See reactions from NAB and RAB below:



We’ve been letting our competitors control the false narrative about AM/FM radio for way too long. I’m fed up with it and am ready to do something about it. Airing pro-radio spots on radio is fine, but its kind of like preaching to the choir. I’d like to create an external campaign to reach people who are not regular listeners; maybe a :30 TV and/or YouTube pre-roll ad?

I’ve come up with preliminary messaging (below) I feel an external ad campaign should relay:

“Why Pay for Music Subscriptions When Radio Is Free?”

24/7, your free local radio stations give you:

  • New music and new artists to discover
  • Your favorite songs in every variety and format
  • Information about concerts and events coming to your town
  • Severe weather alerts and critical lifelines during emergencies or power outages
  • Traffic, accident and road condition updates in real-time
  • High school and college sports schedules and game scores
  • Entertainment and the chance to win prizes
  • Local news stories to keep you informed
  • Company when you’re feeling lonely or scarred and need a familiar voice
  • Support for local non-profits and local fundraisers for neighbors in need
  • A place to have important conversations and discuss topics you care about
  • A sense of belonging to your community
  • Anonymity – no targeted ads ever come from radio

Free Local Radio Stations Will NEVER:

  • Take your money
  • Force you to subscribe
  • Listen in on your conversations
  • Harvest your personal information
  • Treat you like a data-mine

Listen to radio on your phone, tablet, laptop, smart speaker or in your car – wherever you go, free radio is at your fingertips!

Check out all the free radio station options in your area here (with a link to a page on VAB.org)

AM/FM Radio reaches 93% of Americans 18+ every month
– Nielsen “Audio Today” Study

This is just my opinion, what’s yours? Email me at vab@vab.org

(And if you know the name of the movie from which I ripped off the quote as the title to this article, you and I will be lifelong friends!)