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Not already a member, but would like to become one? 

Full Membership Benefits Include:

  • Advocacy in State & Federal Government
  • Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) Subsidy in 2021
  • Awards & Recognition Events
  • Access to Local Broadcast Sales (LBS) On-Demand Training & Sales Ideas
  • Career/Professional Growth Opportunities
  • EEO Credit for using VAB’s Job Opening Service
  • EAS Assistance
  • FCC License Renewal & Regulatory Assistance
  • School Closings Website
  • Subsidized Intern Program
  • Workforce Recruitment Support
  • VAB Voice e-newsletter subscription

Commercial and Non-Commercial Radio and Television stations licensed by the FCC are eligible for full membership if their main transmitters are licensed to a Vermont city or town or if they have a physical studio or office in a Vermont city or town.

Full Membership Annual Dues:
Radio: AM = $75/ license
FM (100-6000 Watts) = $100/ license
FM (6,001-100,000 Watts) = $200/license
Television: $250/license
Each Licensee must pay dues for all their eligible stations to obtain Full Membership.

Associate Membership Benefits Include:

  • VAB Voice e-newsletter subscription
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Invitation to all VAB Events
  • Invitation to Training Seminars & Webinars
  • Eligibility to enter and win VAB Awards
  • Listing on

Associate Membership Annual Dues are $75 per organization.

VAB membership year runs July 1-June 30 and dues must be received within 90 days or members will be switched to “non-member” status.

We look forward to having you join our Vermont Association of Broadcasters Community!  If you have any questions, call Executive Director Wendy Mays at (802) 233-0296 or email