LBS Announces their B.E.S.T. Certification Program for New Hires!

In addition to the services you already get with your Local Broadcast Sales (LBS) subscription:

  1. 2nd Tuesday Webinars + Bonus Webinars like Weyland Wednesdays
  2. Advertiser Intelligence
  3. Ask LBS
  4. Two new weekly training videos 
  5. LBS Research.

…LBS has added a new benefit; a new hire certification training program that instills professional pride in sales teams across your state.

The Broadcast Essentials for Selling Today (BEST)  training program’s seven instructors instill sales basics and instruct sellers on selling behaviors that will have them rise above their daily challenges and circumstances. It also prepares them to “coach” their clients above Post COVID excuses, retail inventory realities, inflation challenges, and other factors they must face in today’s world. Veteran sellers can also  participate to add the B.E.S.T. certification to their credentials!

  • The number of participants is unlimited; the more, the merrier!
  • Each participant selects their starting day and time; no need to wait.
  • Each participant chooses the pace to complete the program
  • Participants must complete the quiz series to become a “Certified Seller.”

Get started today at and click on the BEST Program tab!

BEST Sales Certification flyer