Over-the-Air TV Will Be Interrupted Saturday, August 1st

Saturday, August 1st, all four commercial over-the-air TV stations serving Vermont, Upstate New York and Western New Hampshire will be shut down during the morning hours. The stations will be going “off-air” for major repairs, which include replacing all four of the station’s primary broadcast antennas. Viewers who receive their television signals over-the-air will not be able to get a signal while the stations are powered down for repairs. All other viewers will continue to be able to watch normally via their cable or satellite service.

Over-the-air viewers will be able to watch their favorite programming on Saturday afternoon and all four stations will be back on the air at full power output starting Saturday evening. Some over-the-air viewers who have not been able to receive WFFF-Tv 44 and/or WVNY-TV 22 since early July should be able to once again receive those stations starting Saturday night. Those viewers should rescan for TV signals Saturday night in order to receive WFFF & WVNY on their new broadcast frequencies. For information on how to rescan your television receiver, go to www.mychamplainvalley.com, read the article it takes you to and click on the link at the bottom of the article for “How To Rescan Your Telvision Channels For WFFF & WVNY.”

On Saturday morning, everyone is invited to watch the WFFF/WVNY antenna lifted by helicopter onto the broadcast tower. The helicopter lift and antenna placement will be livestreamed on http://www.mychamplainvalley.com and on the Local 22 & Local 44 Facebook page.