Promotions Director & Promotions Assistant

Marketing Directors expand the aural component of radio by stimulating other senses:
overseeing the advertising and promotion of the station while acutely aware they have a
license to protect, an image and a reputation to protect.

Image goals set by station management are translated into such tangible realities as the
look of the station’s logo, promotional materials and advertising that could range from
their own on-air promotion and newspaper ads to billboards, banners and television or
cable spots.

They direct the promotions managers and closely work with programming and sales to
educate the public about what’s really behind a station’s call letters: the people. If a
station lacks a marketing director, these functions fall to the programming director.

Promotions Director

Energetic. Creative. Spirited. Self-motivator. Diplomat. People person. Community
liaison. These are all adjectives that could describe the radio promotions manager.
These are the folks who “make the magic without showing the guts.” They know who their
listeners are and what makes them receptive, working with programming and sales to
create memorable public impact. Up on current events and trends, they can spot a great
opportunity and act fast to capitalize on the moment, whether raising funds to offset a
local disaster or staging a public concert to showcase talent and involve advertisers.
“Promotions has changed so much,” says an industry veteran. “We’re really are a sales,
ratings, revenue monster – in a good way. We make the energy, whether it’s laughter,
crying. We’re show business, but we’re a business with real revenue goals and we must
constantly balance the need for revenue with what’s good, image-wise, for the station

Promotions Assistant

A promotions assistant helps coordinate on-site events and promotions and along with
the promotions manager, represents the station to listeners and clients at promotional
events and business meetings. High energy and willingness to work long hours and
weekends are mandatory. These assistants are able to work with minimal direction, have
strong organizational and computer skills, handle department billing, maintain listener
databases, are in charge of all station contest and prize fulfillment. They also pinch hit in
other areas, answering phones and performing other general administrative duties.