Remembering Radio Personality Chip Hobart

Chip Hobart thenVAB is sad to learn that Vermont Radio Personality Timothy “Chip” Hobart passed away on St. Patrick’s Day after a long battle with cancer.
Chip Hobart’s radio resume is long and impressive. The Vermont native worked at WDOT in Burlington, VT; WDEV in Waterbury, VT; WJOY & WVMT in Burlington, VT; WKBR in Manchester, NH; WKOX FM in Framingham, MA; WAAB in Worcester, MA; WTRY in Troy, NY; WTOR in Torrington, CT; and WTBY in Waterbury, CT. At The Big 14, he was the weekend regular and weekday sub.
After a brief stint at WDRC FM, Hobart moved around America gracing the airwaves of WNHC New Haven; CKLW Detroit; WRKO Boston; WOKY Milwaukee; WIXY Cleveland; WKRQ Cincinnati; WEZE Boston, WYSP Philadelphia; KROY Sacramento; KSFM ?; WVBF Framingham; WDAI FM and WJEZ Chicago; KDWB FM Minneapolis; WAPP New York; WHTT Boston; WQFM Milwaukee; WVMX Stowe, VT and WCLX Burlington, VT/Westport, NY.