Send a strong message to Congress: Radio Stands United Against a Performance Tax

Record labels are aggressively pushing the so-called American Fairness Music Act (AMFA) legislation that would funnel resources away from local radio stations and into their own pockets. To stop this bill from going further than the House Judiciary committee, the NAB is urging every radio station to air spots (download below) opposing performance fee legislation now-September 6th. NAB has cultivated strong opposition to a performance tax with 230 members of Congress cosponsoring the Local Radio Freedom Act – a bill that opposes a performance tax on radio stations.
Because this is an issue ad, the FCC requires your station to fill out a PB-19 form and place it in your station’s political file within one business day if you participate.
The :30 radio spots include a call to action for listeners to make their voice heard with Congress. NAB is also providing scripts, talking points and digital assets at