Things To Do With Your Kids

Many kids will be looking to fill the extra time they have with screens.  While it is probably fine to give them some flexibility these days when it comes to their usual limits, it may be quite beneficial to consider 1) more educational content and 2) alternatives to screens during the day that allow children to interact and move their bodies.  Here are just a few ideas for both inside and outside that kids could do.

  • Lunch Doodles with Mo Willems
  • Keep a journal about their experience
  • Read a book
  • Create a play or homemade movie
  • Go for a hike or photography walk
  • Practice an outside sport (baseball, soccer, basketball) while keeping your distance from other family groups
  • Call or videochat relatives
  • Cook things together
  • Play cards or board games
  • Do a puzzle

Family Meals:  If possible, continue to eat together either family meals with electronics turned off so that there is an opportunity to give your full attention to the people around you.  Good information as well as food ideas can be found at The Family Dinner Project.


Beyond the education materials your child’s school has provided, your local library can also be a good resource, or look at Vermont Agency of Education for further guidance.

  • Here is a comic put out by National Public Radio that can help educate children
  • PBS Kids has a number of educational activities that can be accessed for free
  • New York Department of Education also has materials for remote learning