Think First Campaign Creative Ready To Air!

The nationwide “Think F1rst” campaign creative, designed around First Amendment Rights, is ready to air!

Listen or watch the ads (link below) to see if it’s something you would like to voluntarily air on your station(s).  You are under no obligation, we are simply making them available should you choose to air them.

The link below has two TV :30’s and five Radio :30’s, each with time/space for legal ID’s.  Message rotation is up to you but we suggest rotating all cuts equally, through 12/31/19.

Each of the ads would need a legal ID tag such as: “Aired in cooperation with Vermont Association of Broadcasters and this station”.  The campaign can start immediately and ends 12/31/2019.

If you would like more information on the campaign, here is the website link:

THIS IS NOT AN NCSA. I don’t need affidavits or any type of documentation.

The Press Association’s in many states also do the print media.  If you want to use the print assets online, they can be downloaded at