About Us

Since 1955, the VAB has helped promote over-the-air broadcasting in Vermont by supporting, protecting and advocating for our member stations.  Our services include:

Regulatory and Legislative Monitoring and Advocacy:
We stay in contact with our State Legislators, Members of Congress in Washington D.C. and the FCC to protect the interests of our member stations and their listeners and viewers. Click to download VAB Annual Report of Member Benefits July 2018 – June 2019

EEO and Workforce Recruitment Assistance:
We provide free employment listings and other EEO compliance resources to our members.  Email your broadcast job openings to vab@vab.org. Recently, the VAB has taken a more active role in connecting our member stations with the next generation of broadcasters through internships and five endowed college scholarships.

Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP) Subsidies:
To help our members stay in compliance with FCC regulations, the VAB covers a substantial amount of the cost to have an Alternative Broadcast Inspection done, with certificates remaining valid for three years. 

Emergency Alert System (EAS) Assistance:
Alerting and informing the public in times of crisis or natural disaster is the most important responsibility of our member stations.  The VAB assists our members with EAS compliance, receivers and keeping the State of Vermont EAS Plan updated.

Career Advancement Training:
VAB is currently making plans to broaden our career advancement training program beyond seminars at annual convention. If you have a training topic, method or program that will help our members advance their careers and become the best broadcasters they can be, email vab@vab.org

Keeping Broadcasters Connected & Informed:
The VAB Voice is a weekly e-newsletter that keep our members informed about the latest industry news both locally and nationally.  VAB Voice is also a helpful resource for regulatory advisories and deadline reminders.  To subscribe, email vab@vab.org

Networking & Awards:
Annual events including the VAB Convention in June and the VAB Hall of Fame Awards Banquet in December give our members a chance to see old friends, make new ones and have some fun!

VAB Board of Directors:
June 2019 – June 2021

President: Kelli Corbeil, WTSA AM & FM
Vice-President: Joe Tymecki, Vermont Public Radio
Treasurer: Alexander Von Lichtenberg, WVNY/WFFF
Secretary: Dave Godette, VOX AM/FM
Member-at-Large: Brian Damm, WPTZ-TV/WNNE-TV
Past President: Wally Caswell, Great Eastern Radio

Contact Information:

Executive Director:  Wendy Mays
Phone: (802) 233-0296
Email: vab@vab.org

Mailing Address: 4 Carmichael Street, 111-106, Essex Jct, VT 05452
Twitter: https://twitter.com/@VTVAB

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