VAB Paid Internship Program

The VAB’s Paid internship Program, designed to connect stations who need workforce help with students interested in pursuing careers in Broadcasting, is now accepting applications for 2023 Spring or Summer internships.
Here’s how it works:
  • Station applies through to get 100% of the internship subsidized.
  • VAB Awards Nomination Committee reviews applications and selects up to three grantees.
  • VAB writes a check to the station for $1,818.84 to pay 120 hours at $13.18/hour (VT minimum wage) + 15% towards payroll taxes.
  • Station finds and hires the intern on their own. VAB will have nothing to do with the selection process, but the intern must be a college or trade school student obtaining school credit.

Rules For Applying:  

In order to qualify for the VAB’s Paid Internship Program, station must: 

  • Be a member of the VAB with current Fiscal Year dues paid in full. 
  • Run recruitment advertisements to hire interns (copy provided or write your own) 
  • Post the intern position on your website and on the VAB Job Board. 
  • Have a dedicated, named, supervisor to oversee the intern during their time at the station. 
  • Agree to return any non-used funds in the event the internship ends before all 120 hours are completed.

Student Requirements:

VAB will have nothing to do with your hiring process, but in order to qualify for the paid internship program, students must: 

  • Be entering their Junior or Senior year at an accredited college, university or trade school.
  • Be majoring in broadcasting, communications, electronic media, marketing or other related fields.
  • Participate in an interview with prospective station(s).
  • Be a Vermont resident OR a non-resident student currently attending an accredited college, University or trade school in Vermont, whose intentions are to stay in Vermont after graduation.

Reasons to have a paid intern:

  1. Great way to instill a passion for broadcast in a future generation.
  2. Solves workforce challenges at no additional cost to the station.
  3. Helps stations fulfill their yearly EEO credits.

To apply for the opportunity to have the VAB pay for your station to have 120 hours of a paid intern during the the Spring or Summer, download either the Spring or Summer VAB Paid Internship Applications below:

Spring VAB Paid Internship Application DUE BY JANUARY 15
Summer VAB Paid Internship Application – DUE BY MAY 15

Email Wendy Mays at or call (802) 233-0296 with any questions.